Winter time is a time of rest, introspection and reflection. Trees have let go of their old leaves, and their precious energy is returning to the roots, to consolidate, fortify, and build a strong foundation for next year’s burst of spring growth and flowering.

In this time of clear starry nights and cool crisp mornings, we will come together in the peaceful natural surrounds of SIBA retreat centre to explore the practice of karma-yoga, applying mindfulness in movement and daily life.

We will focus on the task of a restorative prune for the many fruit trees in SIBA’s extensive heirloom orchard. Practical instruction will be offered in good pruning practice for apples, pears, peaches, plums and more on the weekend of the 24th and 25th June, with participants welcome to stay on during the following week to apply what we have learned. Yoga and guided relaxation sessions will be offered for participants by Venerable Tenzin la.

When: Saturday 23rd through to Sunday 24th June, (arrive Friday 22nd afternoon if you wish) staying on to work during the next week is optional.

Where: SIBA Retreat Centre, 2592 Gelantipy Rd, W Tree, VIC

What to bring: BYO secateurs, pruning saws, loppers, gloves, safety glasses and step ladders if you have any or all of this pruning equipment. We will do our best to provide with equipment we have! Warm clothes, rain coat (just in case!)

What is provided: Food, accommodation and yoga class.

Booking; Email or phone on 03 5155 0329 to advise if you plan to attend part or all of this gathering.

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