There are plenty of volunteer and WWOOF Australia opportunities in East Gippsland. Even though the Gippsland Lakes is a water lovers paradise to holiday in, we are also surrounded by fertile farmlands from Sale through to Orbost and the border.

By setting up your base in Lakes Entrance, you can then use your WWOOF Australia Mobile App to then find Host Farms close by, where you can then stay with free accommodation and meals provided, in return for 4-6 hours per day volunteer work.

There are many small hobby type Host Farms around Lakes Entrance. They grow commercial and their own crops, as well as farm commercially many types of animals. Great for improving your skills in organic farming techniques or learning animal husbandry.

WWOOF Australia allows you to signup for a Membership, for as little as $70 per year and then they give you access via their website or their Mobile App to thousands of Host Farms around Australia. It’s really the most affordable and funnest way to see Australia. You get to interact with the locals and get all the local knowledge on the best attractions and sights to see.

It’s a great system. And, while you’re in East Gippsland, you can actually drop into the WWOOF Australia office and meet the team personally.

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