Sunday – March 24, 3 – 5 pm

Following from our first successful Meet & Greet, our next one is coming up this Sunday, March 24, 2019.

It’s a gathering of like-minded people, people who know their destiny and purpose is shaped by themselves and not reliant on others or the outside world.

It’s a space to mingle, drink tea and coffee, get to know your “neighbours” and share your ups and downs. If we can see beyond our fears, worries and doubts we’ll all begin to get in touch with how extra-ordinary we all really are.

The group so far consists of ordinary “you and me’s”, as well as healers, therapists, instructors in the arts and god knows what other talents are lurking in the background. It’s an opportunity to share your talents, learn from others and perhaps realise your own full potentials. Who knows what can happen when you step out of the ordinary and into something “a little different”.

This Sunday, we’ll be introducing something extra, some new ideas, and hope to get feedback from you guys as to how you would like to enjoy your Sunday afternoons in the company of others on similar paths in life.

So come along at 3 pm. Bring $5.00 to cover costs and tea/coffee and biscuits. (Bring a plate if you’re so inclined).

If you have any questions, call Kerstin on 03 5155 4689 or email

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