Tracey Campbell

Reiki Healing, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Intuitive Crystal and Flower Therapy Healing and Card Readings.

Iris Rainbows offers Reiki Healing as a form of relaxation for the body, mind and soul along with daily Facebook card readings to give you a little guidance for your day.

Reiki is a gentle non invasive, hands on technique, that helps you to let go of stress and anger. Reiki can help you to identify negative behavior patterns that you may wish to change, and it can also help you to become better tuned into your body, mind and soul.

Reiki is beneficial for everyone from babies to the elderly.

You are fully clothed in all Reiki sessions and also have a blanket covering you for your comfort.

I have a certificate I and II in Reiki and have also studied Tibetan Reiki which includes taking hands off the client, and working within their auric field to remove blocks and negativity.

I have a working with children check, police check, level two first aid and are a Diploma trained Children’s Educator who is used to working with children and adults alike. Currently I am studying community welfare and counselling as an addition to my services.

Angel Therapy includes speaking with your angels and guides to pass on messages to you that you may not be hearing clearly yourself. With help from the Angels, I can also cut cords to negative situations in your life, to help you move forward easier and with more clarity rather than being held back or stuck.

The Angels want to see you happy and are joyfully waiting for you to experience this. I have completed the Angel Intuitive course with Doreen Virtue which covered speaking with Angels and Guides, card readings, medium-ship, cord cutting and psychic ability.

I have been certified as a Flower Therapy Healer with Robert Reeves. This modality uses flowers to heal, clear the aura, balance chakras, and channeling flowers to heal in a similar way to Reiki and is done intuitively as part of a Reiki session.

Crystals are also used intuitively within my practice to balance Chakras and help clear any blocks within your aura as part of the other practices that I offer.

Card Readings can be done as part of, or separate from the other healing practices that are offered.

I am a certified full member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.

Iris Rainbows is a Gippsland based business that works with you and your Angels to promote a peaceful body, mind and soul, using the modalities of Reiki, Tibetan Reiki, Flower Therapy, Angel Therapy, Intuitive Crystal Healing and Card Readings to help bring a little magic into your life.

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