Cunningham Family

Hillcrest is a certified organic dairy farm set on 600 acres of undulating land in Swan Reach Victoria. The Cunningham family has been farming this property for over 100 years.

Wayne is the fifth generation of his family to work this land, and together with his partner Billie they run Hillcrest Farm Organics.

Hillcrest is a certified organic dairy farm milking up to 160 cows, we also produce organic beef, free range organically grown pork and free range eggs.

We have a small farm shop on the property that is open to the public (phoning ahead is recommended to be sure that someone is about to serve you).

NO growth hormones NO chemicals NO antibiotics.
Our Livestock


We have a number of pure breed pigs including Large White, Large Black, Wessex Saddleback, Landrace & Duroc – which we cross for hybrid vigour (to get the best traits from both breeds ie: leanness of the whites & taste superiority of the heritage breeds).

Many of these are heritage breeds which adds real old fashioned flavour that you wont buy in a supermarket.

Our pigs are born and raised out doors with plenty of room to run and play. They are fed a balanced grain ration and lucerne, cut fresh for them daily.

We have pigs born and raised free range available for sale from 8 weeks old. Please enquire with the farm.

Cows & Steers

Our dairy herd is predominantly Fresian & Friesian x, with the addition of some Guernsey cows. Our steers are Angus x.

Steers are grown on our certified organic property free from antibiotics and growth hormones, pasture reared, with the addition of lucerne silage which is produced by us on the Mossiface flats.

Our milkers are fed twice daily a fresh ration designed to help them produce quality organic milk, they are rotationally grazed on 300 acres of undulating land.

We receive many comments on the quality of both our beef and pork and we believe this is a reflection on how they are reared.


Our chickens live a nomadic life.

Residing in a converted caravan they are free to range on fresh pasture. Trailing after the cows through the paddocks they have plenty of bugs and a variety of plant life to eat and yummy cow pats to scratch through.

To supplement their diet they are fed a balanced certified organic grain mix.

To protect them from foxes we have erected a portable electric netting fence that is powered by a solar unit.

Our free range eggs are available to purchase from the farm.

Contact Details

Address: 252 Tambo Upper Road, Swan Reach 3903
Phone: 0428 171 442 – Wayne
Mobile: 0438 357 297 – Billie