Heavenly Healing

Welcome to Heavenly Healing.

I have been on my spiritual path, heading towards my life purpose all my life, but have been doing healing work for about 15 years.

I have a beautiful healing room set at the top of a hill with 240 degrees of gorgeous scenic mountain view.

I am privileged to work with Divine Spirit and the beautiful Angels and your healing will be completed purely with this perfect energy.

The modalities of healing that I work with are:

Crystal Healing – which is healing your own vibrational energy. ( Takes 30 mins)
Reiki – Universal energy. ( 30 mins or 1 hour sessions available)
Massage- therapeutic, deep tissue and relaxation. (30 mins or 1 hour sessions available.)
Distance Healing/ reading. Where, with your permission, I work with your energies from afar. You do not have to be physically present. ( 1 hour session .)
Auric imaging. Via a Kirlian camera. To show areas in your body that are function well/ or not so well. ( 1 hour session)
Angel card reading…. distance or in person. (30mins )

Ring for appointment before leaving the glorious Lakes Entrance district and travelling up to Beautiful Buchan Caves… leave the family in the Caves Reserve while you whisk out to my healing room for a relaxing treatment.

Telephone 51 559 416 or 0428559470
( Some week-end appointments are available ).

Contact Details

Address: 1175 Buchan Road, Buchan
Phone: 03 5155 9416
Mobile: 0428 559 470
Email: livingstoneps@bigpond.com