Floating is truly an experience like no other…

You will rest your mind, body + soul within a safe and caring environment. You will lay in a tank which has approximately 25cms of water and 325kg of Epsom salts in it. The water is heated to body temperature (approx. 35 degrees) and the water is more buoyant than the Dead Sea.

Here, in the tank you will have the opportunity to remove all external stimulation by closing the lid, and turning the lights off. You will then be in an environment completely void of external stimulation. This will give you the opportunity to completely relax, turn off, remove the mind toxins of everyday life, the hustle and bustle and just be.

The floatation tank was invented by Dr John C Lilly in 1954 and has promoted the use of them ever since.

We currently have two float rooms, each with their own private shower and lockable door. We provide towels, shampoo, conditioner + body wash. Each room has a shelf and hooks for you to store your belongings on whilst you float.

On leaving your float room there is an area with a mirror for you to freshen up hair and makeup if you wish. We also have a post float room where you can enjoy a herbal tea/water and gather your thoughts before leaving our centre post float.

There is a toilet at the shopping centre which we ask you to use prior to floating as our float centre does not have a toilet. You can access this through our centre if you wish. We will look after you with the utmost of care.

T: 03 5152 3608
E: info@floatforbodysoul.com.au
W: https://www.floatforbodysoul.com.au
Shop 2 Eastwood Shopping Village, Bairnsdale.

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