Eli Orr

I have sourced many healing practices both on the physical and spiritual planes and believe I have been given a unique gift offering healing with the assistance of both my own life journey and the assistance from the higher realms.

My intuition and own personal life journey assists me to resonate with my clients as I have” been there”. I know intuitively how people feel, I can become them in an instant.

I find by looking for blockages in peoples belief systems, genetics, the answers to repressed emotions, fears and then locate where the trauma sits in the body.

Nearly every illness is attached to an emotional block or come through the genetics, past life or soul level. I have also been given a unique technique at conception to assist in life changing experiences.

Imagine… An undisturbed inner peace that radiates from you, whatever you do or where ever you go. Imagine… Having complete clarity of mind in any given situation.

Imagine… Never regretting what has happened, 5 maybe 50 minutes let alone 20 years or a life time ago. Imagine… Never having to worry about the future, knowing things will always work themselves out. Imagine… Living every moment to its fullest.
There are no coincidences or ordinary moments.

Most people live their lives in entire illusion, and we need not be clouded by fear and judgement. It truly does not need to be this way.

Through realising your blockages and trauma, illusion can fall away. Imagine that peace and joy can return to your life perhaps for the first time in a very long time. Stop limiting yourself and join us in the journey to yourself preservation.

Contact Details

Address: East Gippsland
Mobile: 0423 947 489
Email: info@elislighthouse.com.au
Website: https://www.elislighthouse.com.au/