Vivian Healey

Vivian has completed various esoteric studies and achieved Master levels in Reiki Healing, Qi Gong Healing & Melchezidek Healing.

She has also completed a Para Psychology Course . Various other courses Vivian has also touched on are Kinesiology, Shamans course, Psychic Healing , Spiritual Healing & Doren Virtues Angel Intuitive.

Vivian also believes in the importance of balancing and harmonising the home environment. She has completed a Tien Ti Master level in Chinese art of Feng Shui and Geomancy and offers consultations.

Vivian’s philosophy is to promote a holistic approach and help people achieve balance at every level of their being.

Vivian has many healing gifts which she blends together in her own unique and powerful way. She offers a variety of natural healing modalities that help to balance and integrate the energies of the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki Healing (Master)
Gentle but powerful hands on healing by Reiki Master to bring wholeness to the person, i.e such as stress release, relief of pain, grieving, illness, reduces headaches, promotes deep relaxation, sports injuries, complements medical and other healing systems.

Feng Shui & Geomancy
Feng Shui can help attract positive energy and good luck into your life in areas such as career, business, relationships, health, family, knowledge, fame and children.

A Feng Shui consultant will look at the many different elements effecting your environment – how the chi energy moves around your premises, position and shape of home, direction rooms sit, shape and placement of furniture, & balance of elements of fire, wood, metal, earth and water within your home/ business . Includes calculations of the flying stars that affect your home/business.

A Consultation also includes the Geomancy of the land (which harmonises and heals unhealthy landscape energies).

Qi Gone Healing (Master)
Removes and cleanses the illness of Chi, it clears the stagnant Chi out of the meridians, replenishes organs with depleted element Chi and balances Yin and Yang Chi.

Spiritual Healing
Helps life off stresses and works towards restoring and maintaining health on all levels through release of emotional blockages from the subconscious caused by past traumas, auric healing, etheric healing , chakra balancing.

Inner Child Healing
Releasing emotional blockages from the subconscious caused by past traumas.

Post traumatic Stress
Release of shock factors from the subconscious caused by past traumas. clearing accident recall.

Melchezidek Healing
Use of holograms of love to heal, cleanse and rejuvenate the body.

Cut Ties & Cords
To release emotions that are draining ones energy from previous situations, from other peoples energy involved, or any cords that are impacting on ones physical health & wellbeing – helps clear emotional attachments in all directions of time , great for clearing old relationship ties.

Tibetan Energy Healing
Clears the energy pathways. Benefits are relief of pain, release of emotional blockages, reduction in swelling, more vitality, improvements of function and flexibility.

Psychic healing
Clearing of psychic obstruction, either present time or past life , soul retrieval, clearing psychic attack, curse/spells.

Personal Energy Clearing
Release lost souls, clearing negative energies /entities from peoples energy space.

Past Life Healing
Recalling past life’s to release and clear old karmic ties.

Clearing Toxins associated to –
Vaccination & Medication, Chemo, Anaesthetic ie clear negative impact of chemical toxins left in the system from the above.

Clear negative impact & reactions from various allergies ie food, animals, allergens such as petrol, paint, gas, cosmetics.

Contact Details
Address: Traralgon and surrounds
Phone: 03 5176 0755