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How does Bowen Therapy work?

The Therapy consists of a series of gentle moves, which allows the therapist the right to assess the muscle tissue for inconsistencies whilst giving the body opportunity to self-correct and relax muscles.

There is use of small time delays to give the brain time to re-evaluate the muscles.

This results in a better muscle balance while creating a state of body relaxation. When the memory has trouble in recalling the state of muscle relaxation the therapist has the right to give further information to the body using specialised Bowen moves.

If these are inadequate the therapist may select prior training to assist in the correction while working within the principles of both therapies.

A valued therapy for all ages, from the very very young, right through to the elderly.

What Can It Help With?

Neck & Back Pain
Sciatica & Muscular Pain
Stress & Computer Headaches/Migraines
Respiratory Problems
Sports Injuries
Shoulder/elbow/wrist pain
Jaw work
Plus much much more

Contact Details

Address: 30 Lindamay Court, Lakes Entrance 3909
Phone: 03 5155 3640
Mobile: 0427 553 640