Nicole Becker Edwards

Nicole grew up in Bairnsdale, and trained in Holistic massage in London, UK, gaining the UK’s ITEC diploma in Anatomy Physiology and Body Massage in 1997. Since then, Nicole has done additional trainings in Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage, deep tissue massage and energy work (Reiki II and Tree of Life cell regeneration).

Holistic massage is named to acknowledge that we more than just our body. Life is better, and we are more effective and pleasant to be with, when we make it a priority to take excellent care of ourselves on all levels. A calm and soothing mental space is created while a deep and thorough massage takes place. Holistic Massage is more relaxing than remedial; however, Nicole observes that realignment often takes place spontaneously during massage. For cases where remedial therapy is needed, Nicole uses NST Bowen Therapy.

Having also trained as a Doula (birth assistant), Nicole is interested in working with pregnant women and with children. Nicole offers pregnancy massage (and pregnancy Bowen) using Belly Pillows which support the pregnant body to lie comfortably face-down.

Nicole holds a certificate in Neurostructural Integration (NST Bowen Therapy) with additional training specialising in correctingTMJ disorders, basic kinesiology, and non surgical bunion reversal.

Bowen therapy consists of short, rolling movements made with the therapist’s fingers and thumbs across the muscle fibres. It can be done through the clothes. No oils are used. There is no “crunching” or high velocity thrusts. The therapist pauses between sets of movements to allow the body to take up the information and adjust itself.

A Bowen treatment sets a healing process into motion which can take a few days to complete. Follow up appointments are usually scheduled 5-10 days later if needed.

Nicole works with an awareness of the mind-body connection and loves to help others attain greater health and happiness.

Nicole lives in Lindenow with her husband and their young family. Appointments are available at her home clinic in Henry Street Lindenow, at Bairnsdale Natural Health Centre, or in Lakes Entrance at Purpose in the Hub.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0458 771 184