Judy Paterson

Judy has been a Naturopath for 23 years.

She began studying for a Psychology degree in 1980. At the end of the first year she realised this was not the path to follow. Shortly after she began an Iyenga Yoga Teacher training course in Melbourne which formed the basis of a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Health issues eventually led her into natural therapies where she studied Dietetics, Nutrition, Herbal medicine, Homeopathy and Iridology, qualifying as a Naturopath.


IYTA – Iyengar Yoga Teacher training 1982
Herbal Medicine 1988
Dietetics and Nutrition 1989
Iridology 1989
Naturopathy Diploma 1989
Regeneration of Cells Certificate 2012

What to expect during consultation: consultation involves a comprehensive analysis of your health through case history, analysis on the NES (NUTRI ENERGESTICS SYSTEM) based on quantum physics and quantum biology.

You are completely involved in this process and gain a deeper understanding of your own well being and any lifestyle and dietary issues involved.

From the information gained during consultation an individual wellness program is then planned for you that may include a personalized dietary programme. NES protocols, nutritional supplements, homeopathic, herbal medicine and flower essences.

The education gained during treatment will support a life time of good health, good eating and vitality.

The focus is always on physical, emotion, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Clients are encouraged to be proactive in prevention and maintenance of good health.

Tasks can be given and processes to enhance the healing process.

Do you need help to overcome;

Low energy, tiredness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Bloating, indigestion, Gluten intolerances, mal absorption problems, IBS, Chron’s disease
Infertility, Pre Conception care and Pregnancy care
Hair, Skin and nail disorders
Allergies, Hay fever, Sinus, colds, flu, Acute and Chronic infections
Muscles, Joint, back, neck and shoulder pain. Arthritis and Rhematisms Sciatica etc.
Menopausal problems, hot flushes.
Supportive treatment for Cancers
Childhood illnesses.
General health problems.
Helicobacter Pylori – Candida – Dysbiosis
Glandular fever
Low Immunity

Contact Details

Address: 291 Eastwood Road, Wyung 3875
Phone: 03 5152 3829 (Mon-Wed-Fri)
Email: patjudy@bigpond.com
Website: https://www.bairnsdalenaturopathy.com.au