Telephone: 0435 522 535

Take the chance to experience a healing or workshop here in Lakes Entrance. I have over 25 years of healer experience and running spiritual workshops. These classes may only be run once.

Healing sessions and classes are always extremely powerful. The Stillness in the room is usually palpably strong. We are usually gifted Grace by the Ascended Masters and Archangels. Grace is super powerful and a totally unexplainable event that offers special opportunities. This energy and support that is provided can often assist with deep healing, connection, insights and even Awakenings.


Amethyst Crystal Cave Healing: 100 Kilo+ of crystals under the healing table!

Standard Healing sessions: Golden Ray, Reiki, Lightfibres & more: Experience my different healing abilities, just without all those amazing crystals under the table.


Golden Ray Healer Level 1 day workshop: Learn to use a profoundly gentle and powerful energy healing system. The Golden Ray is hard baked into our soul essence, energy bodies and DNA. This is an equivalent to Reiki Levels 1&2 combined. Golden Ray can be used with all healing systems. Next class 6 October 9:30-5:30, enrolment required in advance.

Location: Lake Bunga Beach Road, 3909. The outskirts of Lakes Entrance. Call me ask any questions, to RSVP and to get my exact address.

Telephone: 0435 522 535

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