Astrology is the intuitive art of reading the energies of the planets in our Solar System.

When you are born into a body, your Soul chooses the energies it requires for this life, to achieve it’s evolutionary intention. It creates these energies via the planetary bodies in our Solar System, as well as the Zodiac constellations further afield.

Each life you live is an extension on the lives lived before. Each life has it’s own “ego” or personality, through which the Soul learns, grows and experiences mental, physical and emotional states of being. Each life builds upon the last.

Forever evolving, your Soul is exhausting all desires until there is only one desire remaining … to return to the Source from whence it came.

To discover your Soul’s purpose in this life, or to unravel and heal emotional wounds and mental confusion, book an appointment with Shane for an Evolutionary Astrology reading in Lakes Entrance.

Visit the website for full details: . Or call Shane on 0435 504 239.

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