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The astrological birth chart is a representation of the exact position of the planets and luminaries that were overhead in the heavens at the exact time and place of your birth.

This picture of the heavens is symbolically represented as the Astrological Natal Chart.

Interpreting the symbols and reading the chart is the work of the astrologer who can help us understand the nature of our strengths and our challenges.

The potential revealed in the birth chart will unfold over a life time and the current transits and progressions of the planets and luminaries mediate this unfolding, indicating where our energies and attention needs to be focused at any given time.

Astrological readings can assist int he deeper understanding of our life purpose, help us make better choices and better clarify the nature of the psychological terrain through which we are passing.

What I offer in a reading is an interpretation of the natal chart and also an outline of some of the major transits and life cycles that you may be currently experiencing.

I also offer a Solar Return Chart which is a chart for the year ahead. This is best done in the month before your coming birthday.

Birth Chart Reading and Transits: $80

Solar Return Chart: $50

Kitty Quinn

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